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Michele Kief and Flight Tips for Cheaper Travel

April 28, 2016
Michele Kief is a blogger, financial advisor and avid traveler. She offers an array of services in her financial investment business, from assisting you to select individual investments to building a retirement plan. With access to research analysts and economic and market experts, amongst other resources through her company, Michele Kief helps her clients to make informed investment decisions centered on their unique investment needs. Michele Kief, in addition to her financial advisement, also has a passion for showing people how to take their desired vacations and save money at the same time.

Some travel tips she likes to share with clients are things like flight booking tips like planning in advance of visiting. Utilizing discount websites for advance booking, while these may charge a service fee of roughly $5, they can combine flight segments from different airlines much more easily than doing it yourself and still find you a great deal. Also, while it may seem like connecting flights are a drag, it can save you a good amount of money. When booking your flight, truly consider the pros and cons. Perhaps the financial difference can be spent on better lodging. A final flight tip is to always buy a round trip ticket and then you don’t have to use the return flight. One way tickets are often more expensive than the ticket that includes a return flight, so make use of that fact.