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Financial and Travel Advisor Michele Kief

July 17, 2016
It is true that Michele Kief’s primary profession is as a financial adviser. She has a strong passion for assisting clients meet their financial needs and helping them build a strong financial future. Her practice is something of a holistic wealth management process in which she assists you with selecting those individual investments that best meet your needs and which also help create a solid retirement plan.

Michele Kief can do this because, since 1999, she has developed a strong network and has access to a wide variety of resources, such as research analysts and economic and market experts. It is the experience and knowledge gained from helping thousands of people plan for their retirement that gives her a unique ability to make informed investment decisions on her clients’ behalf that meets their own unique needs.

Unlike many investment advisors, however, Michele Kief is an avid traveler and likes to show clients how they can live their best life now by traveling and saving money that they can put toward their future. One of her best travel tips is showing clients how to use the Internet and mobile apps to take a great trip at a price that won't break the bank, even at the last minute. She can save you now and help you save for the future, too.